Who We are







Gradey Proctor is a botanist who has spent many years studying the flora and fungi of Oregon's forests. Born in a place without intact ecosystems Gradey feel hopelessly in love with the Northwest when he arrived in the 90's. His longing to develop a sense of place has driven his passion for wildcrafting medicinal plants for his community and teaching others to do the same. Gradey studied at the Columbine’s School honing his botanical skills, and to work for Bark, a nonprofit that advocates and protects Mt. Hood. His love of plants spread to nurseries, CSA farms and his own backyard where he raises medicinal plants starts. Gradey has taught gardening and botany at the Arctos School of Herbal and Botanical Studies for a decade now.









Sue Ellen Lewanick is plant lover and herbalist. Her interested in plants grew during her four years of work with a small gardening business in upstate New York. During that time Sue Ellen began creating her own garden space around her home and in a neighborhood community garden. Through community gardens and local coop Sue Ellen entered a community of plant lovers and herbalists. With the desire to advance her herbal knowledge and explore other ecosystems she set out to find an herbalist school in the Pacific Northwest. Sue Ellen found the perfect fit and immersed herself in herbal and botanical studies at The Arctos School. Currently Sue Ellen lives on a farm in Oregon City and has joined forces with Gradey to create The Medicine Gardens plant medicine CSH.