Designing the Medicinal Landscape

At the Medicine Garden we not only provide fresh herbs to the community and medicinal plant starts, but aspire for everyone to have the opportunity to build relationships with the plants and with their medicine. One of the best ways is keeping your friends nearby and of course keeping them happy! This is where we can help.

We will work with you to create a landscape design that fits in with your busy life, using the space and opportunities your unique landscape offers. We work with easy to grow medicine that keeps the gardening easy and fills your health needs. We also don't want to take a horticultural approach to gardening where you are micromanaging your plants' existence. Instead we focus on the ecology of the plants and work to create the kind of situation where these plants will thrive. Lastly we will work to educate you on how to keep up with the cycle of your garden, how to read your landscape, when and how to harvest your medicine and so much more!

Our consultations are just $50 an hour with a two-hour minimum.  We are also available for installation too. The hardest part of creating space is that initial push of actually establishing space for your new plant friends. Whether you'd like to invest more up front and get things ready to plant today or would like to work on the cheap by slowly building your soil, we'd love to speak with you about all your options! 





                                                                                                                                                                             Utilizing the rain water coming off the roof we have directed the water into a sunken area and planted the area with some medicinals like Aralia, Oregon Grape and Goldenrod that appreciate having wet feet.